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Purple Diamonds

Purple diamondPure natural purple diamonds are so rarely found or available on the market as to make them almost non-existent. They usually contain pink or gray modifiers, which as a consequence prevents them from receiving a fancy purple grade in laboratory reports. There is a range of mixed purple colors available on the market, including pinkish-purple, grayish-purple or purplish-pink, in hues of lilac or lavender.

Purple diamonds are believed to have been created as a result of extremely high pressures during their rise through the earth. Subsequently, purple stones often contain impurities because of the rough conditions to which the stones were subject. However, this is a known fact and not considered to work against these diamonds as long as they do not work heavily against their overall beauty.

Most of the pure purple diamonds come from Russia, whereas the provenance of grayish or pinkish purple diamonds is often the Argyle mine in Australia.

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