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Pink Diamonds

pink diamondThe prices of pink diamonds are continuously rising because they are both rare and highly sought after. Most natural pink diamonds are from the Argyle mine in Australia. But output is forecast to end in 2018 when the mine is shut down. Most pink diamonds from the Argyle mine are smaller stones, and larger stones, of 1.5 carats and more, exceptional.

Purplish-pink stones see the highest prices, while pink diamonds containing tiny traces of yellow, orange or brown are less valuable. It is very hard to find pink diamonds with very high levels of clarity. However, if they do not have a harmful effect on the effect of the diamond, impurities in pink diamonds are seen as reasonable.

Furthermore, pink diamonds typically feature growth lines in their crystal lattice that are frequently visible, and which can give them a slightly dim appearance in the center of the stone. This is a natural feature, however, and not regarded as a deficiency.

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