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Blue Diamonds

Blue diamondLong associated with kings and royalty, in addition to the classic blue diamond, they can contain one or a combination of shades of gray, green, and violet.

Blue diamonds are among the rarest of natural color diamonds, and supplies are becoming increasingly scarce as the only mine in the world that produced really pure blue diamonds, in South Africa, closed.

There is still a small output of blue diamonds from the Argyle mine in Australia, which is best known for its production of pink diamonds. The Argyle blue diamonds are different to those that came out of South Africa. They are usually dark blue, and have a metallic glow. Frequently, they have little streaks of gray, giving them a steel blue color, and some have traces of violet.

The blue color changes with light much more than do other colors. Blue diamonds do not have the blue color of sapphires, but either a sky blue or a darker metallic blue.

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