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Fancy red diamond - heart shape

The variety of fancy colored diamonds

They say “diamonds are a girls’ best friend” and there are some breathtakingly beautiful diamonds out on the market. Those ...
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Fancy Colored Diamonds and the holiday season

Fancy Color Diamonds and the Holiday Season

As the summer vacation period comes to an end and thoughts start to wander to the critical holiday sales season, ...
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Women shopping for diamond jewelry

Women Buying Their Own Jewelry

A little-noticed trend in recent years in the diamond jewelry sector is the increase in self-purchases of jewelry by women ...
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Valentine’s Day Jewelry Sales

Valentine’s Day Jewelry Sales Seen as Solid

Retail Gets off to Strong Start in 2015 – and Valentine’s Day Jewelry Sales Seen as Solid This year has ...
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Buy Diamond Jewelry

Can ‘Millenials’ Be Persuaded to Buy Diamond Jewelry?

13/01/2015 It's been more than 60 years since De Beers persuaded young consumers to mark the milestone of their engagement ...
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pink diamond

Choosing and selecting color diamonds

20/11/2014 Selecting Color Diamonds – Beware of Pitfalls How do you go about choosing and selecting a color diamond? It's ...
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The Hope Diamond

Famous Color Diamonds

22/09/2014 The Hope Diamond The Hope Diamond, an exceptional blue gem, is possibly the most famous fancy color diamond in ...
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Fancy color diamonds

Colored diamond prices rising

09/09/2014 Pink, Red Yellow and blue - colored diamond prices keep rising The colored diamond sector is the most spectacular ...
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Zoe Diamond

Fancy color diamonds for sale

December 8, 2014 Sale of Blue and Red Diamonds Show Ongoing Demand For Colored Gemstones The sale last month of ...
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