Fancy red diamond - heart shape

The variety of fancy colored diamonds

They say “diamonds are a girls’ best friend” and there are some breathtakingly beautiful diamonds out on the market. Those white gleaming diamonds available in a variety of sizes and cuts, but have you ever seen or even heard of the variety of fancy colored diamonds?

Fancy red diamond - heart shape Diamonds can come in twelve different colors such as yellow, pink, blue, green, orange, brown, gray, purple, red, fancy black and fancy white. The color of the diamond is made due to different defects in the crystal lattice of the stone. These defects influence the optical transparency along with the addition of chemical impurities found in the stones’ composition all create the multitude of color variations.

Defining the diamond and calculating the price

Unlike their colorless diamond counterparts, fancy colored diamonds are not held up to the standards of the typical 4C’s (carat weight, clarity, color and cut) when it comes to defining the diamond and calculating the price or value of the diamond.

Traditionally, the lack of color is what makes diamonds so popular and sought after, but in recent years the popularity of colored diamonds has grown. Women want something unique, something defining of their personality instead of the traditional colorless diamond.

Fancy colored diamonds shapes

Fancy colored diamonds are available in a variety of shapes or cuts as well, such as heart, oval, round, pear, marquise, emerald, asscher, and even princess cut just to name a few. Besides the common and popular cuts there are also the more unique and harder to find cuts such as novelty step cut, star, shield cut, modified kite step, and briolette cut. These more unique cuts of fancy diamonds tend to be less expensive due to their uniqueness.

The fancy colored diamonds are made for more than just rings as well, you can have the diamond picked separately and find a setting that is just right for you, such as in earrings or even a necklace. So, with all this wonderful knowledge under your belt you can get your special love a truly unique, one of a kind gift for the next holiday, a gift she will cherish for years to come.

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